Dr Suresh Sundram I Sing: No. 1

Are we the only perpetual motion without power,

we who have committed acts of political violence?

Or as a so-called schizophrenic, in a lofty bell tower,

am I alone equal to a mournful minute of silence?


Fuck you for distorting the reality of all my fights.

Is not living free from phrenophobic discrimination

one of the schizophrenic’s irrefutable human rights,

regardless of behaviour and regardless of station?


Still being your patient, 12 sickening years later,

every day I lament the fact you perverted my trial

to serve in The Age a silly, vicious, secret little h8r

who painted the paranoid schizophrenic grotesque.


You’re a crook with Corruption on your speed-dial,

a bastard who ought to start clearing out his desk.

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